Sharpening a Kitchen Knife

A knife is a cutting tool with a blade or cutting edge which is hand held. It can be used as a tool or as a weapon as well. It can be dangerous when misused and there are many who have walked out of their kitchen with blood oozing out from their fingers because of not using this particular tool well. To have an easy time chopping vegetables in the kitchen, you have to keep your kitchen knife sharp all the time.

There are different tools that can be used to sharpen a kitchen knife. Sharpening stone and honing steel are some of the tools that will help you sharpen your knife. Sharpening your knife will maximize it’s functionality and effectiveness. Here are few steps on how you will have to sharpen your knife.

  1. Gather the required materials- Assemble all the materials that are necessary for the process. You will need a double-sided synthetic sharpening stone, magnetized iron rod and sharpening steel. All these materials can be acquired from your local hardware store.
  2. Sharpen the knife using the stone-hold your knife using fingers and hold it across the blade of the sharpening stone. Raise your knife approximately 20-degrees off the face of the stone. Use pressure to grind the knife on the stone. As you are grinding your knife, do it in a counterclockwise motion from tip to bolster.
  3. Polish the edge of the blade-After you have grinded your knife, use the fine grit side of your stone to polish the edge of your knife. Position you knife and then grind it in a counterclockwise manner.
  4. Remove the debris- There are debris that are formed when you grind your knife. Clean the blade and remove the irregularities formed.
  5. Move the blade against the sharpening steel in a downward position-use little pressure to pull the knife towards you as it glides against the steel. Do this process around 8-10 times, which is enough to restore your knife.

There are many other processes or methods that you can use to sharpen your knife. Different methods have got different procedures. Whether this one or any other process that you might think is the best to use to sharpen your kitchen knife, make sure that you have used that procedure that you believe is effective.

Jogging with a Baby Stroller

Babies are very special human beings that are supposed to be taken care of with much interest and taken around with safety in mind. There are many ways on how you can carry a child. Different cultures got different ways on how they carry a child at different ages as well.  One way is to jog with a baby in a special jogging stroller. A jogging stroller that you have to choose has to be made in a way that it will have to take a great care of your baby while you jog. Strollers have kept on being modified to ensure that the child is more safe and comfortable. Let’s look at the selection of the strollers that are available and that you get and also few tips on how you will get started with your new

  • Stability of the stroller- Stability is an attribute of a good jogging stroller. Of course your stroller should be stable because it is carrying one of the precious things. Though many of the strollers that are available are made for walking, however, there are those that you can use while jogging too. Before you acquire your stroller keep in mind the time that you will have to spend when walking and running.
  • The front wheel-It is important that you consider the front wheel. The jogging stroller that are available have a front wheel but can be locked into the straight-ahead position which makes the stroller best for jogging. If you will have to use your stroller for jogging only, then you better not waste money to get a swivel option for the front wheel. But on the other hand, the swivel is important because when you are running, the front wheel might move to an unplanned direction which is dangerous to your child. It is important therefore you consider the area that you will be running or maneuvering
  • Sun canopy is also a consideration when jogging with a baby stroller. Not all will do the jogging in the morning or evening so summer sunshine can set a blaze to your angel’s feet. If your jogging stroller can have an adjustable sun canopy, it is better because you will be able to adjust it’s position depending on the direction of the sunshine.

It is important to consider a lot of things for your baby jogging stroller before you can choose the best. There are new models that in the market that you can use to maneuver in the streets with your baby.